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Baked goods at Miller's Bake Shoppe seem to fly off the shelves as soon as they're stocked! And, that's the way the David and Miriam Miller like it, because it means they're keeping customers happy by providing the freshest foods.


Who can resist delicious, homemade foods whose aroma beckons one from blocks away? Folks who visit the Bake Shoppe seldom walk out empty handed with all the tempting, fresh-baked items available - Breads, Buns, RollsCakes, Pies, Cookies, Brownies and much more!


Miller's Bake Shoppe opened in February of 2004 on Wayne Avenue in Stuarts Draft, VA after David and Miriam bought what was formerly Yoder's Bread Basket Basket. Miriam has spent a good share of her life baking, but never dreamed she would one day open a bakery with her husband and eight children: Cheryl, Gary, Dennis, Jeremy, Geneva, Gloria, Karla and Margaret. Their cousin, Andrea, and a friend, Lorita Chupp, also work with them.


The Millers have lived in Stuarts Draft for over 30 years. Of the Christain faith and Mennonite lifestyle, they are active in Pilgrim Fellowship Church.

The Millers keep a well-stocked and lively kitchen. On a typical bake day, David prepares around 100 loaves of different breads. Over the Christmas holiday, they can sell between 6,000 - 8,000 dinner rolls alone!


Even though everything is made from scratch and by hand, technology has provided a few items that dramatically cut down on time. For instance, a Dough Mixing Machine and a Shaper that cuts bread dough and shapes 20 loaves per minute. There is a machine that pinches off perfectly shaped dinner rolls, as well as a "Proofer" (warming oven) where the dough rises before going into a large commercial gas oven. That oven, alone, is capable of baking 168 loaves at a time. Even the Pie Oven can bake up to 20 pies at once.


The Millers strive for the highest quality, all-natural ingredients - many of which come from the Pennsylvania Dutch area of Pennsylvania.